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Corrosion protection products

Corrosion protection products are aimed to be applied as insulation coating onto steel pipelines and metals used in the oil, gas and building industries. They can be applied on different engine parts as tapping saddles, manifolds, pumps, valves, ladders, rebar, cable and wire rope, column coils, anchor plates, I-beams, mesh and chairs.

corrosion prevention

These corrosion protection products are also used in the electrical industry as insulation resins for toroid cores, motor armatures and stators and bus bars at temperatures of 180 C°.

For construction it is used the polyolefin, which is a perfect blend of steel fiber and synthetic material performance for concrete reinforcement.

For the oil and gas industry, it has been designed a new a pipeline pending security system that protects pipelines and buried assets from damage, theft, sabotage and terrorist attacks.

Oil and gas pipelines are lay over ground for hundreds of kilometres exposed to any type of damage and attack with no monitoring or tracking system to protect them from external threats as we have mentioned, and even from the common metal corrosion.

This new anti corrosion protection for pipelines is something really new due to the major need of security and safety of these large and complex installations. It has been a tough technological challenge, but it is now a reality. Sensing units with unique ID’s are installed along the pipelines at a depth between the pipes themselves and the ground that make and alarm sound for the operators. These sensing units are software components that can be regularly updated and get new program additions. They work with the power of lithium batteries that can last for five years working in the wireless mode, but they can also work in the wired form or a combination of both.

The identification of location protection corrosion comes from the measure signal of each sensor, filtering out the fake signals from the real ones to prevent false alarms with a reliability of 99% after an integration time of less then 1 minute.

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